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By evolving the Gloucester Quays brand and initiating a series of marketing campaigns over a 10-year period, we targeted different demographics of visitors with relevant messaging to increase footfall and sales for this outlet shopping centre, making it a regional destination. Example results from just two of our many successful campaigns:

Increase in sales


Increase in footfall


Av. event visitors



A decade of continual marketing success

Despite a huge launch in 2009, Gloucester Quays was unable to achieve the forecasted visitor numbers. Our job was to understand why, identify a solution and re-launch with an ongoing marketing strategy.

After identifying the relevant customer groups appropriate to the existing offering, we developed a multi-tiered approach focussing on more tactical savings messaging for the primary catchment and an event driven strategy that would resonate with the wider audience. The events were an enormous success, garnering some incredible results. Take the Food Festival, for example – this became the biggest event of its kind in the South West and attracted over 150,000 visitors resulting in a 15% increase in footfall and 7% increase in sales over the years.

Alongside the popular events, evolved the brand to meet the demands of an ever-changing retail landscape, never assuming that what worked one year would, necessarily, do so for the next.


Following on from the success of re-launch campaigns, co-creation research confirmed our core insight leading to a new validated proposition based on free time being a precious commodity and we developed the ‘Time Well Spent’ campaign. This was a more confident and brand driven approach, with a Christmas burst achieving a +12.5% increase in footfall against the High Street that saw a 3.5% decrease.

Along with other seasonal integrated campaigns, we have delivered everything from TV, OOH, POS, and Social Media, to Digital, Radio, Events, Branding and Seasonal Campaigns to establish Gloucester Quays as an attractive regional destination.

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