Welcome to our quarterly health update, a report on the marketing we’ve produced for our health clients over the last few months. As you will see, great results come in many different forms…


Increasing sales and winning new listings were the key objectives.

The campaign is powered by the insight that many kids are fussy
eaters and find the prospect of taking vitamins ‘disgusting’.

Chewy Vites flips a daily chore for parents into an easy win with delicious gummies made with real fruit juice. We used this insight to develop the ‘Even choosy kids choose Chewy Vites’ campaign idea.

A phased approach with improved packaging and a successful
socially-focused campaign, along with storyboards and
commitment to TV activity has led to securing some extremely
exciting new listings in the major multiples, adding more SKUs
and reinstating some old listings for the brand in the UK.

We developed a brand toolkit to ensure marketing is centrally led but needs consistency in other markets. Alongside great results, it’s been rewarding for all to reinvigorate a great brand.


Many of the brands we work with are new to TV or have limited budgets. This means thinking smarter about creating effective advertising and making sure the right audience sees it.

Milton Hand Foam – a hand steriliser for children, launched during the pandemic, a time when parents were unsure about their children using such products. Whilst reach was vital, there was an insufficient budget to deliver audience numbers or produce a stand-alone commercial.

Our solution was to create a 10-second spot that was not only tagged onto the end of our existing 30-second range ad, but also ran as a solus 10” in investment-effective media slots. The product benefitted from being seen as part of a trusted range as well as being able to take advantage of investment-effective slots at relevant times of the day.


Whatever the communication, insight and brand character are essential to ensure that your message resonates with the target audience, with consistency, across all media.

This has led to us making ads in many different forms – from ‘live action’ with actors, to animation and even a combination of the two. The way we make your ad is also responsive to your budget. Having an in-house production team and editors can be beneficial for our clients. That and a support team of highly trusted and skilled individuals such as directors, illustrators and animators, keeping costs and process tight.

Here are just a few examples of the diverse range of ads we’ve created for health brands.