High quality films
help brands grow

Business video content is often either high quality, but costly, or lower cost but poorly made.

Our in-house team of award winning conceptualisers, directors, producers, animators and editors enables us to deliver high quality films at reasonable rates, by cutting out the middlemen.

Even before the production team start work, we also have a team of communications and strategy specialists who we can bring into projects as needed. We are here to help you shape solutions that address your key business challenges.


Internal Communication Films

These can help to reduce the impact of miss-communication or the ‘cultural grapevine’. They can bring geographically split teams together and help motivate and educate the work force about a company vision, performance objectives.


Training, Learning and Development

A great way to engage and train staff across the nation in a cost effective, scalable way. Can provide ‘bite-size’ learning to help knowledge retention, possibly including ‘How to’ and ‘top tips’ guides which can energise potentially uninspiring or dry information.


Industrial and Architectural

Our films have helped our clients demonstrate a site, plant, infrastructure or network, show particular manufacturing capabilities or processes or provide 3D visualisation to architectural designs or demonstrate yet to be built facilities or ‘difficult to film’ projects (e.g. North Sea Oil Rig or a manufacturing plant that has yet to be constructed).


Explainer Videos

We have made films that demonstrate how to use your product. This can reduce customer service handling times by addressing common customer issues. Film helps engage consumers with pre-sales information or can be used to highlight a new product or concept to different stakeholder groups – e.g. manufacturing team, sales team, customer service team.