Standout results

A fifteen-year relationship featuring a diverse range of creative campaigns and initiatives that saw Papa John’s close the gap between themselves and their bigger spending competitors every single year.

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A long-lasting relationship that delivered increased recognition and revenue

FKC worked with Papa John’s since their UK launch, supporting the brand and franchisee growth to over 450 stores.

Following the introduction of a new set of brand guidelines, our stand-out campaign was the launch of Papa’s Quality Guarantee – a personal brand promise from the founder that if you didn’t love your pizza, Papa John’s would replace it. This comprised of a fully integrated marketing campaign – including TV – that resulted in visits to the Papa John’s website more than quadrupling just 30 seconds after it aired. And a campaign that was adopted by other countries around the world.

Building on these phenomenal results, FKC supported Papa John’s with fifteen years of insight driven creative campaigns that saw the brand win awards, break world records, raised hundreds of thousands for charity and won free media in the press.

Our creative approach

With a campaign that was built on a quality guarantee, we were able to build on this message to deliver a multitude of creative campaigns and assets that has seen the brand grow and challenge their competitors year-on-year.

By utilising FKC’s extensive experience within this sector, we have delivered everything from TV, press and radio ads, social media content, conference films and photography, to PR, stunts, box designs, logos, and the management of inter-agency campaigns. Forging a relationship that has achieved unparalleled success, we are proud of the fantastic work and incredible results we delivered.

The Papa John’s success story really demonstrates the breadth of FKC’s creative offering and how we can continue to drive big results for our clients’ time and time again.

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