Standout results

Relaunching a traditional brand on a limited budget across a 4-year campaign, achieving exceptional results including unparalleled engagement, an increase in sales and a new listing in one of the UK’s largest supermarket chain, Morrisons.

Total number of organic views

11 Million

Growth in sales over 4 years


Highest market share recorded in



Driving seasonal demand across retail

In order to maximise the ROI for this heritage brand, a different creative approach was required to optimise the budget and drive the reach and engagement desired. With the Wash & Go product being aimed at an audience of men aged 18-45, FKC set about linking the brand with one of the most popular sports for this demographic – football.

Creating an initial campaign that successfully repositioned Wash & Go and achieved some incredible engagement, we built on this success and evolved the campaign year-on-year up to and including the pandemic when we were able to utilise an influencer partnership to continue reaching the brand’s target audience.


Using our creative insights and knowledge to understand the target audience, we set about developing an initial 14-part, short film comedy series starring ex footballer Robbie Savage – shared across various social media channels. Featuring over 15 million campaign impressions, it propelled the brand back into the mainstream and set the foundations for a highly successful ongoing campaign.

Subsequent years featured an April Fool’s campaign with Barnet Football Club, which garnered media attention to the value of £165k – including free airtime on TV’s Soccer A.M. Progressing to a strong link with grass roots football in the form of a partnership with football influencer channel UFF to deliver some phenomenal viewing figures.

The Wash & Go story is just one of a number of examples of how FKC has consistently delivered maximum ROI over a sustained period for a client, utilising our extensive knowledge of the market and audience to maximise results.

From Day 1 we weren’t interested in a normal sponsorship branding exercise. We wanted to integrate Wash & Go into stories in an interesting, funny and relevant way. We also recognised Wash & Go’s underdog position in the market and used this as licence to be disruptive and unexpected whilst talking to fans at the grass roots level of football, rather than the glitz and predictability of their bigger rivals.

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